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Authentic Indian Cuisine

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Shuruat / Appetizers

1. Samosa (Vegan) $4.50
Crispy deep fried vegetable patties stuffed with potatoes, green peas & flavored with fresh spices.
2. Chat Papri $6.95
A mixture of crisps, potatoes & chick peas tossed in yogurt and topped with tamarind sauce.
3. Bhel Puri (Vegan) $6.95
A popular Bombay appetizer.
4. Spinach Pakora (Vegan)
Crispy deep fried spinach mixed with chick peas flour & fresh spices.
5. Vegetable Pakora (Vegan) $6.95
A delicious spiced combination of assorted vegetables fritters served with fresh mint sauce.
6. Onion Bhujia (Vegan) $6.95
Crispy deep fried onion served with fresh sauce.
7. Chili Paneer $14.95
Onion & Bell Peppers mixed with Indian spices.
8. Aloo Tikki (Vegan) $6.95
9. Vegetable Manchurian (Vegan) $13.95
Cauliflower, Bell Peppers & Onion with Indian spices.
10. Samosa Chaat $8.95
11. Chicken Pakora $8.95
Tender pieces of chicken marinated in yogurt and Indian spices and batter fried.
12. Paneer Pakora $10.95
Home made Indian cheese fritters fried to golden perfection.
13. Shrimp Pakora (4 Pieces) $11.95
14. Assorted Appetizer for Two $13.95
Combination of Paneer Pakora, Aloo Tikki, Samosa, Gobi Pakora, Aloo Pakora.
15. Chhole Bhature $12.95
Chick peas with fluffy bread.
16. Chef's Special Assorted Platter $12.95
A special selection of chicken tikka, tandoori shrimp and seekh kabab.
17. Fish Pakora $13.95
18. Mushroom Pakora $8.95
19. Chili Pakora $7.95
20. Chicken Nuggets + Fries (4Pcs) $9.95
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Shorba / Soups

21. Mulligatawny Soup $4.50
A traditional soup made from lentils, vegetables and delicate herbs.
22. Chicken Soup $4.95
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Saath Saaath / Accompaniments

23. Papadum (2 pcs) $2.00
Crisp lentil wafers.
24. Achaar $3.50
Indian pickle.
25. Mango Chutney $3.50
26. Raita $3.50
Yogurt flavored with cucumber and cumin.
27. Green Salad $4.95
Fresh green salad of lettuce, tomatoes & cucumber with homemade dressing.
28. Kachumbar Salad $4.95
Fresh green salad of kachumbar, chick peas & tomato with homemade dressing.
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Rotiyaan / Fresh Tandoori Breads

29. Naan $3.25
Soft flour bread.
30. Roti $3.95
Traditional Indian whole wheat bread.
31. Coconut Naan $4.95
32. Lachha Parantha $4.50
Buttered multi-layered wheat bread.
33. Rainbow Naan $4.95
Multi-colored naan with basil flavor.
34. Garlic Naan / G. Roti $4.50
Soft flour bread with garlic.
35. Pudina Parantha $4.50
Garlic Naan (Spicy) $5.50
Whole wheat bread with mint.
36. Aloo Parantha $5.50
Whole wheat bread stuffed with potatoes.
37. Onion Kulcha $4.50
Soft flour bread stuffed with onions.
38. Nargisi Naan $4.95
Naan stuffed with dry fruits.
39. Paneer Naan $4.95
Naan stuffed with homemade cheese & herbs.
40. Chicken Tikka Naan $5.95
Naan stuffed with minced tandoori chicken.
41. Keema Kulcha $5.95
Soft flour bread stuffed with minced meat.
42. Poori (2 Pieces) $6.95
Bhature $3.50
Deep fried puffy whole wheat bread.
43. Taste of Indian Special Bread $6.95
Soft flour bread stuffed with chicken tikka, minced meat & onions.
44. Bread Basket $13.95
Naan, Onion Kulcha, Garlic Naan, Lachha Parantha.
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Tandoor Se / Tandoori Specials

45. Murg (Chicken) Tandoori (Half) $15.95
A chicken delicacy marinated overnight in fresh aromatic Indian spices & herbs and cooked in clay oven.
46. Murg (Chicken) Malai Kabab $15.95
Creamy chicken supremes marinated in ginger, garlic, green coriander & almond paste; roasted in clay oven.
47. Murg (Chicken) Tikka $15.95
Boneless, juicy chunks of chicken marinated in aromatic Indian herbs and broiled in clay oven.
48. A. Chicken Seekh Kabab $16.95
Tender rolls of chicken with Royal cumin and aromatic Indian herbs, served off the skewer.
49. B. Lamb Seekh Kabab $17.95
Tender rolls of succulent minced lamb with Royal cumin and aromatic Indian herbs, served off the skewer.
50. C. Boti Kabab $18.95
Tender rolls of succulent minced lamb with Royal cumin and aromatic Indian herbs, served off the skewer.
51. Tandoori Paneer Tikka $16.95
A vegetarian's delight. Home made cottage cheese marinated in mild Indian spices and cooked on skewer in the tandoor.
52. Achaari Kabab $15.95
Boneless chicken marinated in pickle & fresh ground herbs & spices, cooked in tandoor.
53. Fish Tikka $19.95
Fish cubes marinated in yogurt, Indian herbs, saffron, cooked in a traditional way in clay oven.
54. Tandoori Prawn $21.95
Fresh jumbo shrimps marinated in a special blend of spices & herbs, put on a skewer and cooked in clay oven, sauteed with onions & mushrooms.
55. Tandoori Mix Grill $23.95
A pre-selected combination of tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, seekh kabab, boti kabab & shrimp grilled in the tandoor - the traditional clay oven.
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Hamaari Rasoi Se / Chicken Specials

56. Chicken Tikka Masala $15.95
Tender pieces o fchicken roasted in clay oven with onion & pepper and tossed in creamy tomato sauce.
57. Chicken Madras (Hot) $15.95
Hot and spicy chicken cooked in rich gravy with whole red chillies.
58. Butter Chicken $15.95
Marinated chicken pieces barbecued in the tandoor, then combined with a delicious mixture of tomatoes and cream sauce.
59. Chicken Saagwala $15.95
Boiled chicken pieces cooked with spinach, tomatoes & ginger tempered with cumin seeds.
60. Chicken Jalfrezi $15.95
Chicken cooked with vegetable iovrich onion, garlic, ginger and gravy.
61. Chicken Vindaloo (Hot) $15.95
Diced chicken with potatoes in a sharply spiced gravy.
62. Chicken Tikka Saagwala $15.95
Chicken Tikka cooked with spinach, tomato & ginger, tempered with cumin seeds.
63. Chicken Zafrani $15.95
Boneless supreme of chicken simmered in a rich saffron flavored sauce.
64. Chicken Shah Cotti $15.95
Boneless chicken along with coconut.
65. Chicken Black Pepper $15.95
Chicken cooked with black pepper and herbs, spicy.
66. Chicken Shahi Korma $15.95
Boneless pieces of chicken cooked in a cashew nut gravy.
67. Murg (Chicken) Curry $15.95
Chicken cooked in a special curry with traditional spices.
68. Chicken La-Jawab $15.95
Tender morsels of chicken cooked in a kadai with ginger, garlic, tomatoes, chillies sprinkled with fresh herbs and spices.
69. Chicken Chilly $15.95
Cubes of chicken sauteed with onions, green chillies and spices.
70. Chicken Kadai $15.95
Boneless chicken, Indian spies, onions, tomatoes and green pepers.
71. Chicken Manchurian $15.95
Boneless chicken sauteed with onions, chillies, bell peppers, manchurian sauce and Indian spices.
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Combination Dinners

74. Chef Combination Dinner for Two $45.95
Two people can cuddle up to this delicious dinner of soup, papadum, seekh kabab, chicken tikka, lamb or chicken curry, vegetable korma, rice, mango chutney and naan.
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Saagar Se / Seafood

75. Tandoori Shrimp Masala $22.95
Jumbo shrimps barbequed in tandoor and quick cooked in a special creamy tomato sauce.
76. Shrimp Vindaloo (Hot) $18.95
Shrimp with potatoes in sharply spiced gravy.
77. Shrimp Do Piazza $18.95
A rare combination of shrimps cooked in an Indian herbal sauce with onions and bell peppers.
78. Shrimp Jalfrezi $18.95
Shrimps cooked with vegetables in a rich gravy with herbs, onions, garlic, ginger.
79. Shrimp Saag $18.95
Shrimp cooked in freshly spiced spinach.
80. Shrimp Zafrani $18.95
Shrimp simmered in a rich saffron flavored sauce.
81. Fish Masala $18.95
Fresh fish marinated with spices cooked with chopped onions, tomatoes and delicate spices.
82. Fish Kadai $18.95
Fresh fish with Indian spices, onions, tomatoes, green peppers.
83. Fish Curry with Potatoes $18.95
Truely Bengali style fish curry with potatoes.
84. Seafood Platter $22.95
A pre-selected combination of seafood cooked in tandoor oven, served with sauce.
85. Seafood Masala $19.95
Seafood cooked in rich gravy, herbs & spices.
86. Garlic Shrimp Curry with Potatoes $18.95
Shrimp cooked in freshly spiced garlic gravy.
87. Seafood Makhani $18.95
Marinated seafood pieces barbecued in tandoor oven, then combined with a delicious mixture of tomatoes and cream sauce.
88. Seafood Vindaloo $18.95
Seafood with potatoes in sharply spiced gravy.
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Gosht Bhandaar Se / Lamb

89. Lamb Korma $17.95
Cubes of lamb cooked in a cream sauce and garnished with almonds.
90. Lamb Kadai $17.95
Succulent pieces of lamb cooked with onions and green peppers in a kadai (traditional Indian pan).
91. Lamb Zafrani $17.95
Lamb simmered in a rich saffron flavored sauce.
92. Lamb Pasanda $17.95
Boneless pieces of lamb cooked in a cashew nut gravy.
93. Lamb Saagwala $17.95
Lamb cooked with finely chopped garden fresh spinach in an authentic Indian spicy herbal sauce.
94. Lamb Vindaloo (Hot) $17.95
Cubes of lamb marinated in vinegar and Indian spices, cooked on a low heat with potatoes (an authentic goat dish).
95. Lamb Do Piazza $17.95
Cubes of lamb marinated in yogurt, cooked with slices of onions & mushrooms.
96. Lamb Rogan Josh $17.95
Pieces of lamb cooked in taditional sauce.
97. Lamb Keema Dum $17.95
Finely minced tender lamb cooked with peas, onions and garnished with fresh coriander.
98. Goat Curry $17.95
Small pieces of goat meat (with bones) cooked in gravy with freshly ground spices.
99. Goat Masala $17.95
Fresh goat marinated with spices, cooked with chopped onions, tomatoes and delicate spices.
100. Goat Palakwala $17.95
Heavy spinach gravy literally clinging to the goat pieces (with bones).
101. Goat Pasanda $17.95
Goat cooked in Indian spices, cashew nut gravy.
102. Lamb Jalfrezi $17.95
Lamb cooked with vegetables in rich herbs, onions, garlic, ginger and gravy.
103. Goat Kadai $17.95
Lamb cooked Indian spices, onions, tomatoes & green peppers.
104. Boti Kabab Masala $19.95
Marinated lamb pieces, roasted in the tandoor, then cooked in a rich cream sauce with tomatoes, onions & peppers.
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Basmati Khazana / Rice

105. Basmati Rice (Vegan) $4.95
Indian Basmati long grain rice.
106. Peshawari Pulao (Vegan) $8.95
Naturally aromatic long grain rice cooked with cumin seeds and nuts, garnished with green peas.
107. Vegetable Biryani (Vegan) $14.95
Basmati rice cooked with seasonal vegetables and Indian herbs.
108. Chicken Biryani $16.95
Finest Basmati rice cooked with chicken and flavored with saffron & raita.
109. Dum Biryani (Lamb/Goat) $17.95
Finest Basmati rice cooked on a "Dum" with your choice of meat & flavored with saffron, served with raita.
110. Shrimp Biryani $18.95
Shrimp sauteed in mix vegetables with finest Basmati rice and served with raita.
111. House Special Biryani $20.95
Long grain Basmati rice exotically flavored with saffron, then cooked with boneless pieces of chicken, lamb and shrimp.
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Hamaari Waadi Se / Vegetables

112. Malai Kofta $14.95
Soft cheese and vegetable dumplings simmered in mild creamy sauce.
113. Matter Paneer $14.95
Fresh green peas and cottage cheese in traditional brown gravy.
114. Saag Paneer $14.95
Flavorful blend of spinach and cheese cooked in rich gravy.
115. Bhindi Chamatkar (Vegan) $14.95
Fresh okra cooked in a special onions, peppers and tomato sauce.
116. Sabzi Kolhapuri (Vegan) $14.95
Mix vegetables cooked on a "Dum" flavored with fresh coriander and spices.
117. Aloo Palak or Chana Palak $14.95
Cubes of potatoes and puree of spinach cooked in a special homemade sauce.
118. Aloo Gobi (Vegan) $14.95
Cauliflower and potatoes mixed with Indian spices.
119. Kadai Paneer $14.95
Homemade cheese with peppers, tomatoes, ginger and chillies cooked in a traditional Indian pan, served sprinkled with freshly ground spices and herbs.
120. Baigan Bhartha (Vegan) $14.95
Baked eggplant cooked in onions, fresh tomatoes and variety of spices, a delicacy from Punjab.
121. Kadai Chana or Chana Masala $14.95
Chick peas cooked in a special blend of fresh herbs and cumin seeds, garnished with green coriander and onions.
122. Mushroom and Peas Curry $14.95
Fresh peas cooked with sliced mushrooms in traditional Indian way in a mild sauce.
123. Dal Maharani (Vegan) $14.95
Traditional all time favorite black lentils cooked overnight and garnished with white butter.
124. Dal Tarka (Vegan) $14.95
Slow simmered lentils and cooked together with tomatoes, ginger & fresh coriander.
125. Vegetable Vindaloo (Vegan) $14.95
Fresh vegetables cooked in rich gravy.
126. Vegetable Korma $14.95
Fresh mixed vegetables cooked with nuts & creamy sauce.
127. Paneer Masala $15.95
Homemade cottage cheese marinated in yogurt and cooked in rich onion gravy.
128. Paneer Pasanda $15.95
Cubes of cheese seasoned with authentic spices, butter & cream.
129. Kadi Pakora $14.95
Indian traditional dish cooked with homemade spices and garnished with onion pakora.
130. Jeera Aloo (Vegan) $14.95
Potato pieces cooked with cumin seeds and served dry.
131. Paneer Bhurji $16.95
Shredded cottage cheese in tomato based gravy with bell peppers and onions.
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Mishthaan Bhandaar / Desserts

132. Mango Ice Cream $5.95
133. Rasmalai $6.95
Homemade cottage cheese flattened balls & sweetend milk, garnished with platachies.
134. Gulab Jamun $4.95
Small balls made with dry milk and cottage cheese, deep fried and dipped in sugar syrup and rose watter.
135. Gajar Halwa $4.95
Cooked with carrots and dried fruits.
136. Vanilla Ice Cream $4.95
137. Kheer $4.95
Rice pudding.
138. Malai Kulfi $4.95
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Beverages - Cold / Hot

139. Mango Lassi (Cold) $4.50
140. Sweet or Salted Lassi (Cold) $4.50
141. Orange Juice (Cold) $3.50
142. Mango Juice (Cold) $3.50
143. Soda (Cold) $2.50
145. Indian Masala Tea (Hot) $4.95
146. Tea or Coffee (Hot) $3.95
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Party Trays

Half tray serves approximately 15 people & full tray serves approximately 35 people.
Chicken Specialties - Half Tray $70
Vegetarian Delights - Half Tray $65
Goat Specialties - Half Tray $80
Lamb Specialties - Half Tray $80
Chicken Biryani - Half Tray $65
Chicken Specialties - Full Tray $115
Vegetarian Delights - Full Tray $105
Goat Specialties - Full Tray $125
Lamb Specialties - Full Tray $125
Chicken Biryani - Full Tray $115
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Items based on availability. Menu and prices subject to change without notice.